Tuesday, January 24, 2012

15 years~ the Eve of it all

You may be wondering the eve of what? Well, the eve of January 25th of course. Which is probably the single most important day of my life, well, maybe next to being born considering if that never happened then there would really be no point to my writing about the 25th or anything else. The 25th of January in the year of 1997, Nate and I were married. I am so excited to be his wife and the best sound that I hear every day is the sound of the garage door opening around 5 in the evening, because I know he is home. I know that my biggest fan will be walking through the door any second asking how my day was and what can he do for me. I know that the kids will run and hug his legs and want to play (Cole & Fish) or chat (Maggers). I know that I will get a kiss hello, and a hug with squeezes in between. Nate makes me a better person. The best choice I have ever made was to become his bride, and it's true, the longer we are together, the more we love and the better it gets. "The road goes on forever and the party never ends" and there is no one I would rather have by my side.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Birthday Wishes

So, I was putting Fisher to bed last night and he was telling me how Excited he is for his birthday and naming everything he would like to get. Mind you, his Birthday is not until April. I had told him that usually we give several small gifts or one large one, and he would have to decide which gift route he would like to go. After quite a few ideas he said, " I would like a clean bike since all the ones I have had so far have been rusty." Hmmm, he is on to my strong belief in the DI. He did leave some wiggle room however using the word 'clean' rather than 'new', thank you Fisher. He did pray and ask that he would get the right present for his birthday, what ever happened to praying for world peace and for sick people? The 'right ' present is actually a great request I have decided after a bit of reflection.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hold on- you're in for a ride

A million new posts ride that is. Just got all caught up and it only took me 2 hours. Our lives are at least kind of documented now. Yes, I will post pics soon of our room and curtains, I know you want to see but in the mean time: May this year bring Awesome-ness and Peace to you and yours                                     

We got us some guns fer th' New Year

Pistol Pete.

Sharp Shooter.


Nice Form.

Annie Oakley.

Those holes are Becky's.

Just haulin' some wood.

1-2-3 shooters. Notice Becky's form.

Uncle Clint and the Fish.

Nolan and Uncle Nate.

ooooohhhhh. Precision.

We got us some sharp shooters.

Monday after New Year's held quite a bit of excitement. We went out shooting with Neil and Becky, Clint and his kids and us. I was pretty much dragging my feet about the whole ordeal, but I think I may have found a new hobby through all of my whining. Loved it. The kids loved it too as well as all adults. Neil's gun was my fave. Shoot and Shoot and Shoot. None of this stop to reload after each shot nonsense.
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Eagles and New Year's-hand in hand

Proud parents and Morgan and leader. Morgan getting his eagle.


Great leaders.

The Eagle's Nest saying something really long and very important.

Another awesome leader.

Sara. So proud of her brother and the brownies.
Great job Morgan. You rock and I am so impressed with who you are. I pray that my boys will look to you for an example. Way to GO!!

GayLynn, Grandpa Bill, and me. He turned 92. That really caught me off gaurd for some reason. We missed Grandma.

Grandpa and Trish. Love you guys.

Autumn and a million bingo prizes.

Food to feed an army.

The Terry clan minus about 20-30 people. This was one of the smaller gatherings. We missed you guys.

We were all singing Happy Birthday to Grandpa and he no idea that we were singing. He just kept eating and drinking and didn't even look up. He can't hear or see very well. You amaze me grandpa. We all thank you for your legacy.

Nate and his lucky cards. Never quite as lucky as Woodie's, but he kept trying.

Look at all those prizes. There was a real live DVD player in there. Honest. Way to up the prize quality fam.

We have been playing bingo for New Year's for as long as I can remember. Grandpa'a birthday is on the 31st and that is how he wanted to celebrate every year. It was our Christmas gathering as well. The whole Terry family comes together, as many as can make it and we Party, Party, Party. It is becoming more and more important to me to keep the home fires burning. To keep family contact and to prioritize. I have an amazing extended family and I hope my kids will have great memories with their cousins like I do with mine.

More New Year's festivities.

New Year's Fondue. Thanks for sharing your tradition with us John.

Kenz, Chocolate, and Carmel.

Cheers. Here's to a New and awesome 2013 year.

Fisher. Plum. Tuckered at 11:55. Awww.

Nate was really dreaming of a New Year's Eve fire in the canyon. His dreams were dashed as we drove from one canyon to the next searching for a place where fires were allowed. FYI, not allowed in Yellow Fork or Butterfield, but yes, they are allowed at the church in their fire pit. And yes, much fun was had regardless of the location.
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Christmas Adam

Opening our Christmas Adam game.

Wait for it.


So Christmas Adam is a tradtion we started about 3 years ago with our little family. We do it the day before Christmas Eve, thus the Christmas Adam name since Adam came before Eve. It's been a great way to have some great quality time with the kids and really enjoy their personalities and sense' of humor. That is an awkward sentence, but doable. So, on Christmas Adam, as you see we get a new game. We play games all night which range from the new one, to a dance off, to wrestling, to Twister, to Jenga. We take turns choosing games and my personal favorite part is ordering take out and eating in the basement. We went for Zupa's this year and it was delicious. We stayed up til about 11:30 which the kids thought was pretty cool. Find one. A tradition. Make it yours and enjoy.
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Christmas Day

Santa ate his cookies. Very good sign that he came.

What the? a bike, a desk, just look at the fun.

Maggie got her Kindle.

Some Legos for Fisher.

Love the Sock Monkey hat.

More fun. Dagdars.

My Pans, how awesome is that.

A family fave. The gun. You'll shoot your eye out.

@ Neil and Becky's. Don't you love all those kids around her.

A little Christmas magic. Just Dance.

Neil, who says sissified? Not me. Go Doug and Clint.

What a great day. I loved going to church on Christmas, it just felt right. And spending the rest of the day with family. I just doesn't get better than that. We went over to dad's house after church and had some mean Tetris games with Gary, had some lunch and just enjoyed each other. Then we made our way over to Neil a nd Becky's and some more fun over there. Good times. I had a picture of Nate and his smoke alarms and fire extinguisher he got for christmas, but something weird happened, I'll try again. Happy Christmas memories.
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Cookie Mania

Rachel Rocks and so does Becky. There was no shortage of cookies for Santa on Christmas eve.

Mae was able to frost the same cookie about 7 times by recycling the cookie after licking off the frosting. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Go Mae.

Ava was taking much care with her cookie art.

I think there are at least 12,000 cookies in this pic.

Good work Fisher.

I am not sure what Nate is doing to poor Kjerstine in this pic, but the head falling off the bear cookie and his Christmas shirt make a nice combo I thought.


Go Maggs. The real stars of this photo are Maggies nails. Festive. You go girl.

Thanks Rachel and Becky and Kjerstine for baking til the cows came home. There's nothing like rekindling a great family tradition. We hadn't frosted sugar cookies for years and I would say we made up for it this year. Rach, so fun having you here. We (I) am still having party withdrawl along with missing your cute fam.
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