Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Spoooooky!!! Pretty crazy times around here. Maggie was Athena, Cole was a clown that no one could recognize, and Fisher was a swashbuckling pirate, commonly mistaken for a cowboy. They were all super cute!

My trip to the Pacific Northwest

How cute are all of these pics. This weekend was all about baby Miles. Or baby Minoes if you are my friend Lark.
Miles got blessed, we went on lots of walks, we went on one fun bike ride which included one unfortunate crash, (Ava is so brave), we shopped, we ate, played games, including go fish and old maid, ate lots of Halloween candy, and I personally was able to muster up another blocked salivary gland, which was grand in every sense of the word. Thanks Chambers clan for the good times.


This was our final hoo-rah before going back on track with the boys. Good times were had by all and thank goodness for great friends. The weather was perfect, the company fantastic, the kids were super, the Tinker Toys mediocre, and the Cokes were cold.

Rain Gutter Regatta

What a thrill! Who knew racing wooden boats in a rain gutter could be such a spectacle. We were able to witness many realms of 'What The..?' Including, but not limited to:

Hyperventilation coupled with tears
Capsizing of vessels
The TOYOTA jump perfected
Lower lips sticking out far enough to hit China
Heads buried in arms as to not reveal any true emotions such as disappointment
Excellent sportsmanship
Excellent sailorship
Excellent treats (nachos)
Excellent leaders

Cole did pretty great. His success was surely due to the Jolly Roger on his sail made out of electrical tape.

Snow fun

We had a great time in the snow! I just don't understand how people don't love the snow. I'm guessing its just because they don't play in it. Please notice the snowman and snowwoman, much effort was put into those beauties, notice their kissing lips, along with the kissing lips of the human man and woman.
Our kids could spend days in the snow, maybe it's the magic of water in all of its forms; frozen, liquid, or gas, all have proven to be hours of fun around here.