Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You May Want To Sit Down.. This May Come As A Shock
but I am about to blog!

I was noticing that my last post was on March 16th, which I am not too ashamed of considering that it is March 16th of this year. Not last. Not 2010. Not 2009. Yeah for me.
The bad thing is that my memory is so ridiculous and I am really good at misplacing my thoughts that a quick recap of the past month and a half may be just that. QUICK.
I will just start with April since going back to March would definately be asking too much.

April 2012

1st) and most importantly, Fisher turned 7 on April 7th.
He had his golden birthday!! Nate & I were not
present but much guilt was. Thank heaven for 7-11 and
especially for grandma's and grandpa's who fill in for parents and
probably do a better job. We were not there because...

2) Nate and I got to go to Hawaii- Kauai more specificly with some really super
great friends. It rained all day every day, o.k. not all day but almost and
it didn't even matter. It was so paradisical it is almost seeming like a really
great dream the more time passes. Perhaps I will document with
pics and adventures a later date. Perhaps not.

3) Easter. Nate and I also not present for that. We did get to go to a
Kauaian branch and listen to testimonies by all vacationers, save one.

4) Fisher's Field trip. To where you may ask yourself. No, not the zoo
or the children's museum. Yes, to Cal-Ranch. What is Cal-Ranch some of you
non-UT non-ID-ers, it is akin to IFA or a farmer store. Yipee for
baby ducks and chicks and turkeys. I was sure to tell the 1st graders
how yummy one of those turkeys would taste on Thanksgiving. Only one girl cried
and said she had already named them all.

5) Soccer season has officially begun. I love watching the kids play soccer. I could do it all
day long. It is so great to see them improve and to excel and  succeed. Maggie is doing great,
she has great endurance, is playing defence and forward. Cole is doing great too. He plays
 forward as well, and was approached by a recruiter who also coaches an 11-12 year old team.
To that we say good job Cole and thanks but no thanks. Fisher is quite a hoot to observe during his games. He runs really fast in sporatic spurts, looking at his feet whilst he runs. He prefers to play defence where he defends the center line and does not believe in leaving the center circle while he does so.

6) Getting the garden ready, yeah for off track since i have 3 pairs of extra hands to help. 

I will post pics and other topics soon. I just wanted to do a quick catch up. TTFN