Friday, March 16, 2012

Trifle bowl Score

Is this not the most tantalizing trifle you have ever seen. I am really blogging about the trifle bowl because I have been looking for one forever and finally found one at Savers. Love. Thrift. Stores.
I made this about a month ago, and am just barely writing about it.

So ready for summer and sweet, juicy, berries and fruit. Delish. 
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Monday, March 12, 2012


I am blogging right now as a procrastination tactic. My counter tops are covered in groceries that I am too lazy to put away. I have a bit of complaining to do about the whole grocery shopping experience as a whole and just how many times I am required to handle all the groceries before they are actually put away, here are the handling steps in chronological order, please correct me if I am wrong:

1) from shelf to cart
2) from cart to conveyor belt thing
3) from conveyor belt thing to bag
4) from bag to cart
5) from cart to car
6) from car to kitchen counter
7) from kitchen counter to proper place or
8) from kitchen counter to top of stairs
9) from top of stairs to storage room floor
10) from storage room floor to storage room shelf

Does this not seem a bit excessive? Really. I must admit there are 2 times which I really enjoy the handling of groceries. #1 & #7- from shelf to cart and everything put in it's proper place, where I can look at it and know that there is food in the house and have the feeling of stocked-ness. Quite. Satisfying. I guess I have to actually put them away to have that Quite, Satisfying feeling. I am however entirely grateful that I can buy cold milk, fresh veggies and the like just 5 minutes from home, that I have a car to drive there in, and that I have a family to feed. I guess the handling everything 10x's requirement is quite minimal in comparison to the alternative-- I'll take the 10x's.