Friday, March 28, 2008

Does It Get Better Than This?

No It Doesn't!!
Life is pretty exciting around here!! Nate and I took a Mental Health day yesterday to restore our mental health and it was quite productive. I think it worked. Nate started painting the craft room, priming it at least. I started mucking out the basement "black hole full of crap". We got lots and lots done and wow it feel great. The bathroom in the basement is now completely finished and I go sit on the toilet just for fun. Although to our chagrin as of last night the toilet is not flushing with quite the gusto it used to be. Hmmm. what else? Nate's boss retired today, which comes as a bitter sweet change for Nate. Bitter being Blake was a great boss and they don't come better than him, bitter also being his replacement. Sweet being that Blake has put in the time and he deserves to retire.
Nate has been biking every day to work until he got shot. Oh i mean he blew out a tire pumping it up and i flew out of bed at 6:00 in the morning because i thought he had been shot it was so stinking loud. Maggie has now lost both of her front teeth. The latest happening in her sleep at 4:30 in the morning only to wake to a hard chunk of bone in her mouth, which she had to promptly wake the dead with her announcement of her dramatic loss. She's so cute it's not even Funny. She is also going to Play soccer this season, super fun. And her teacher started crying at parent teacher conference because she loves Maggie so much.
Cole's Highlights:
He will also be playing soccer this season
He thinks he has a loose tooth or should I say hopes
His life is not fulfilled if he can't play with his freinds every day
And he can go forwards then back on the monkey bars without stopping. Cool!
Fishers Stuff:
He loves to Bacuum and play the buitar
He gave me the chance to clean up my first Poop accident at grandpa killpacks, which my neice Dakota said looked like a duck bill stickin out his pants. It doesn't get better than this!
This is way too Long!!