Monday, October 31, 2011


Here are a few little spooks. A few of the cutest ones if you ask me. We got to have Ava and Mae here for a couple of days. Not nearly long enough, but we loved every minute of it. These glasses are from Grandma Becky, thanks grandma.
And a spooky and Haunting Halloween to you all!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


 These are bare naked apples. The green ones were more tasty in my humble opinion. Reds were soft.
 Aren't they lovely little soldiers all lined up and ready to go.

 These are all sticked and ready to carmelize.     Gloriousness achieved. Gooey, sticky, & blissful.

 Quaint little packages, just perfect for a Halloween gathering of little ghosts and goblins.

Does this not look like sin in heaven itself? It is.
One giant block of carmel just waiting to be made into masterful confections.
And this my friends is the secret to all caramel succcess. That's right, creamy, buttery Caramel from Peter's. You read correctly, 5 lbs. Five pounds of carmel in one giant brick. I got it at Orson Gygi's on 3300 s and 300 west. It is $13.00 a box and worth every penny. It covered 25 apples and was easy peasy to use. Just microwave and dip, I added some m&m's, yummy, yet not necessary.

I made these for a fun family home evening. We had a few families come over and had a lesson outside, along with a fire, (if you may have thought 'hmm,I wonder if the burned a hole in their lawn?' the answer is yes, a lovely round one) marshmellow roasting, hot cocoa, fun, & of course,
Caramel Apples.
We have some great friends and we are contantly amazed at the great people surrounding us. Thanks guys, you're the best. Fall is here and soon to be gone. Leaves are changing color and dropping from the trees, soup is being made, sweaters are on, and sad but true, I have said good-bye to my flip-flops. YAY for this time of year. The chill in the air, (our first official frost was last night), the feeling of cosying up inside and the Cocoa-motion in action is about as good as it gets.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ROCKIN' it @ Ledgemere

This is Cole. He totally rocks. He was the first one to rock climb and the first to repel. He did awesome at both and wants to go again. 

Posted by PicasaThis is Maggie. She totally rocks too. She was so trusting of our friends that took us (Thank you John and Michelle). She just did what they said, which is to sit down in the air, which feels really akward and unnatural, but she did it. YAY, for Maggie!
The photo below this is me and Fisher. Fisher was slow and steady and made it all the way to the top. He ROCKs too. In this picture he is watching a bit of drama involving hils mother. That behind you can see is mine. What you can't see is me freaking out and taking about 20 minutes to finally go down. Once again, patience is a virtue and our dear friends are possessers of the said virtue, thank you. I knew I wasn't going to die, I wasn't scared of that, I had done this before, in my Dixie Days. Maybe it's just the sheer face of the wall combined with being 1000's (ok, i think it was about 50) of feet off the ground, and going down backwards. All I know is that my heart was beating really fast, and I was suddenly really proud of everyone that had already gone, and noticed that I should have been much more anxious and fearful when my kids were going down. I was really happy that I had done it, and yes, I would do it again. There are no pictures of Nate because he was belaying, he was the guy at the bottom with the really important job of saving lives should anyone fall. Thanks Nate.
The next photo is our reward for bravery. A delicious dinner, tasty dessert and an awesome lesson. If you were wondering, yes, we finished off those gianormous sandwhiches.
So, you may have noticed, the pics and explanations are out of order. So, much for a quick post, I've been trying to figure that out for a while now. You are all smarty pants-es, you can figure it out better than me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ageing and uncool

Just a few thoughts & questions about getting older:

  • Do I really have a sister that is a Grandma. Four times?
  • Is Dad really turning 70 soon?
  • Are my nieces really having children of their own?
  • Do I really have my own kids or am I just playing house? Can I really be trusted to ensure they have happy childhoods and end up contributing to society?
  • Is Maggie really going to Jr. High next year? Young Women's?
  • Yesterday, did Cole have a very emotional morning, did I feel horrible for sending him out the door in tears? Did I go to school with a note of doting love and a Gatorade intending to score some major points and lift his spirits? Did he read the note, hand it back, look at me and say, "Mom, I can't have Gatorade in school," and turn around to go back to class. Did I make him march right back around and give me a hug right there in the hall?
The answer to all of the above is a resounding YES. Yes, I am getting older. Yes, I do have wrinkles. Yes, I am uncool. Yes, my sister did inform me that I will be the one changing Dad's diapers. Yes, my metabolism has slowed a bit. And, Yes, it's OK. I really am OK with all of the above. LIFE IS GOOD.
With age comes wisdom. " I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now," you speak the truth Bob D.

It's Fisher's Turn

It's Fisher's turn.
Fisher is one great guy, I can't seem to get enough of him. He started 1st grade this year, which means that I am home all day having one domestic triumph after another. I was really used to Fisher being my sidekick, running errands, grocery shopping, McDonald's runs and the like. I have really missed having him around. There are a few things you should know about Fisher right now. Fisher loves, loves to give gifts. I just simply makes him happy. We will find all sorts of things wrapped up or gift bagged. Things like pictures he has drawn or random pairs of socks or our phones. So, he is a giver. Fisher also loves to dance. The other day he told me that some people are good at dancing with their hands, but he is good at dancing with his feet and sometimes his head. He then proceded to dance in front of the mirror in my bedroom for about 2 hours. He tends to lean toward bluegrass for his dancing music preference. He likes to move his feet really fast.So, he is a dancer.
Fisher is also toothless right now as you can see in some of the photo's. It was pure joy this summer watching him eat corn on the cob, (I did offer to cut it off the cob, he opted out), apples, popcicles and anything not eaten with a utinsel. That cute little cornermouth bite is irresistable. Being toothless doesn't slow him down and I think he has enjoyed the attention. So, Fisher is a determined toothless. Fisher loves his siblings. He loves to be with Cole and he walks home each day with Maggie hand in hand. Last week my cute Russian neighbor named Julia came over to tell me that she saw Maggie and Fisher walking home together, and with her hand on her heart she said,"so cute, and so tender" in her awesome Russian accent and my heart melted at the thought. So, Fisher is a great brother. Last Sunday I was feeling a little under the weather. When I went into my room to lay down, he had turned on some hymns on the stereo and asked if it was making me feel better, it truly was, thank you Fisher. So, Fisher is aware and tender hearted. At Parent Teacher Conference, his teacher just gushed about him. He is a great reader, he is doing great in math, she appreciates his listening etc, but the thing that made me the most happy was that at recess that day the boys really wanted him to come and play a game with them, but they were being mean to the girls, so he just kept telling them "NO." That's my boy. So, finally, Fisher is kind. We love you Fisher
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thought for the day...

Don't Let Comparison Steal Your Joy!

(he is a wicked thief and deserves no attention)

hope your day makes a great memory

Monday, October 10, 2011


So, fun times were had by all. It was touch and go for a bit with the weather, we were a little nervous when we hit snow in Beaver. It lasted til Cedar City then we were able to drive out of it. The weather turned out to be gorgeous on Friday and Saturday, I can definitely see why AARP members retire there and become snowbirds, it's for the month of October, or Rocktober as we sometimes affectiately call it ( thank you Ryan and Netta). Here are a few highlights:

1) getting pulled over by a cop on our way to the play "Little Mermaid". That was alot of fun. The kids were able to have high levels of anxiety and hone their skills as back seat drivers thereafter. Side note, no ticket, just a warning for being a perdiddle. Michelle we should have acted on your observation much sooner.

2) The Little Mermaid play @ the Tuachan. They flooded the stage and glided around on Heelies, need I say more. It was amazing and comes highly recommended by me.

3) The sand dunes in Snow Canyon. We could have spent an entire day here. We were here for several hours and the kids absolutely loved it. Most of our time was spent taking some "air" shots as you can see. This activity also comes highly recommended by me. Snow Canyon really does have much to offer, and it's beautiful to boot.

4) Our digs were awesome! Thank You!

5) Our DI trip yeilded some awesome hockey sticks which saw alot of use in many a parking lot while the girls did some very minor shopping. Good times.

I have a special spot in my heart for St. George and always will. It was great to get away and be with each other and enjoy some family time. I love vacations, especially to warm places when it is snowing in Salt Lake.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HOL-AAA! One domestic triumph down

 This is what I really dislike about cannning.
 This too. Steamy & Hot & Sticky Mess
 This is what I love about canning! Oh the fruits of my labors.
This too. Fisher said "Mom, this is better than store bought" My heart is swooning

So, a day of canning. Gee, thanks dad for the tree full of pears, I couldn't be more excited!
I began the day peeling, peeling, and more peeling. After 12 qts of peeling (FYI it takes about 6-7 pears to fill 1 qt, that's mucho pears) I threw my hands in the air, threw the pears in 2 giant vats of boiling H2O and went the pear sauce route. Yeah for me and Yeah for Victorio Strainers. The saucing method was way faster and it is yummy. We had Pear Sauce, Pork Chops, and Potatoes for dinner. The PPP of dinners, and it was delish. I feel the need to comment on the other white meat here just for a moment. According to some, pork consumption is inappropriate for many reasons. One being the curious similarity of the pigs backside and a humans backside. Which I must confess, after attending the State Fair, this is entirely true. There is just something about Pear Sauce and Pork, a good pulled pork sandwich, and the like that makes me say,"I will consume." For you non-consumers,Kudos. As for the canning, I can now say "thanks dad for the tree of pears" with no sarcasm at all in my voice, plus i feel quite wealthy as I look on my 32 jars all lined up nicely in the food storage downstairs. Kids, please note that your mom loves you enough to can and remember this 30 years from now. Cheers.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cole-E- Pokie

This is Cole using his amazing fishing skills.
This is Cole eating a Disneyland Turkey Leg & really enjoying a carnivorous moment to himself.
This is Cole, he is soon to be on the cover of G.Q.
This photo only took about 650 tris to get him in the air, too bad I cut his head off.
And finally, peace out dudes.

On to more important things like Cole,
Here are the top tens of Cole-ness:

10) Cole rocks my world, I am currently taking 'How to be cool 101' from him and he
is a little discouraged at my slow progress, but his patience becomes him.

9) Cole can make some of the most amazing faces ever, most of them are achieved
while eating cooked spinach or the like.

8) Cole has many, many friends, which are an important part of his life, they range from 6th graders
on down to Kindergarteners, and they all look up to him, we are hoping he harnesses his
leadership skills in doing great things.

7) Cole loves any and all sports involving a ball. He is quick and stealthy, and has the prowess of a
liger, only the coolest animal ever. His 1st love however is soccer, and will take anyone on
who looks his way. He has several hat tricks under his belt, and can't stand that he has to
wait til spring to play again. He did let us know that he won't be playing for REAL, as
they are too mean.

6) Cole loves a good mohawk. He begs and begs to have one, and all Nate or I can
give into, is the faux-hawk. Which he settles for. Which is just that for him, settling.

5) Cole is one competitive guy. He is learning how to win gracefully, and not gloat, which he
demonstrated very well last night during a game of phase ten by telling everyone great job
after each turn, while beating the pants off all of us to the tune of 50 or more pts.

4) Cole is kind with a very big heart. He worries about others and their well-being, and  it  does
not settle well with him if someone is feeling sad. His integrity is something I look up to.
He does the right thing, even when it is hard. A lesson we all must learn, sometimes
it comes naturally, sometimes we learn it at the school of hard knocks.

3) Cole loves to get his homework done, and done fast, so he can shoot out the door to shoot
                        hoops. He will come in the door from school, find something to eat and eat it while
he is doing his homework. His math skills are impeccable, & his competive edge pays
off in this category. He goes nuts if anyone is a level above him.

2) Cole's toy interests right now include all things Pokemon, including drawing and making up his own with numbers on them including 45,000 zeros. Apparently they are really powerful. He loves
trading the cards with friends, and it is cool to have binders of them. he also loves bey blades,
his ripstick, and is asking Santa for a new bike.

1) The #1 thing about Cole would have to be his All-American boy-ness. Right down to the ball cap
he wears everyday. He is kind and considerate. He loves to do what is right. And boy do his skinny jeans look cute on him. He loves to read the BOM, and reads a little every night. He loves boy
scouts, and is working on his wolf, i think, cause i don't really get that yet. And I know, skinny jeans and All-American don't really go together, but somehow Cole
makes them go together, and makes it cool at the same time. We love you Cole.