Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Maggie time!

Is she not the cutest!?! What a great smile, I love you Maggers!

This is Maggie on top of the world @ Snowbird, Maggie and Co. at Camp Abish (FUN Times), Maggs holding cutest baby Bridger, Maggies self portrait, and Happy Birthday to Maggie! (in the mountains during Killpack reunion, what a good sport)

Maggie, Maggie, Maggers, Mag Pie, Maggs,
that's her, the cutest, most adorable, kind and great person. I wanted to write a little about all of my kids individually, and so with the curse of being the 1st born comes the priveledge of being written about 1st. Maggie is my right arm. She is a rock that helps to keep this place running. I depend on her a ton, perhaps more than i should. She loves babies, and watching kids and boy is she good at getting all of her cousins occupied and doing something fun just in the nick of time, (meaning, just before parents go postal). Maggie is one of the brightest people I know, and more than just book smart. She can sense the unspoken, i.e. a friend is upset, or I am stressed out of my gourd, maybe someone just needs a compliment, she feels it and acts. Although she is book smart too. She is a great student, all of her teachers love her and she works really hard making sure she is doing her best. She is a voracious reader and gets in trouble sometimes because of the amount of reading she does. She is loving activity days and piano. She just got to pick her Christmas songs for the Christmas recital. (It really is coming.) She is great with Cole and Fisher and helps out alot with both of them. Hello built in babysitter! Maggie is a very good and loyal friend and enjoys her friends immensely. She has a great sense of humor and loves to tease. She loves to cook and sew, both of which I really need to help her do more often. Her testimony rocks, she is such an example to me and I thank you for that Maggs. I love your guts!
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