Friday, March 22, 2013

Leprechaun Lost, Treasures Found

No Luck-O-The-Irish around here in catching those little Leps. Fisher and Co. dug about 53 holes in the back yard and made a leprechaun house in hopes of trapping one to keep as a family pet, as they have done for the past 3 years. Alas, those little leprechauns have yet again proven to be elusive, slippery, tricky, conniving, yet kind. We came home after church and lo and behold every hole was filled with leprechaun booty. From green cereal to stuffed animals to pennies to candy to a frog hat. Suffice it to say, we had one very proud Fisher, determined to do it all again next year.

Greasy, Grimey, Grossy, Grout

To answer your question, YES, that is the same grout on the same floor, no photo altering done here. That little project has proven to be a great source of gratification, sore knees, a gobbler of toothbrushes, and early onset of carpal tunnel. Worth every minute of the 4600 minutes spent. And while I was doing grout, I thought it would be fun to pull out the oven and clean there, lets just say FUN is probably not the best describing word here and let's just also say that I am glad there are no existing pics to document what I found back there. But I will sleep easy knowing what is not lurking in my grout or behind the oven. For all interested, equal parts of vinegar and baking soda is the magic solution that really does work magic.

Webelo-ing @ Grandpas wood shop

Do we have some awesome scouters around here or what?! Cole's leader arranged for the boys to go to dads to make a Mothers Day gift for their moms. The boys thought they were in heaven getting to use the nail gun and touring around the place. Dad was a pretty good sport too!


A trip to Gary's antique shop proved to be just what the doctor ordered a couple of weeks ago when Maggie had a day off school. We made it a girls day out, including breakfast and friends and good times and treasure hunting. I highly recommend a trip to the Cat's Cradle if ever on Center Street in Provo with some time to browse.

Sporty Little Thing

Maggie is all over it, from church basketball to Lacrosse, running, throwing, dribbling, checking, shooting, passing, shuffling, drilling, push-up-ing, and over all awesomeness. The Lacrosse stick pic is at Sports Authority, choosing the right stick is of utmost importance. Let us not be confused in thinking that quality is the #1 priority, apparently your game is much improved depending on the color and femininity of the particular stick. Should this theory prove to be true, there will be no stopping Maggs on the field. Go Grizzlies!!

BYU Art Museum

Presidents Day is a thrill for all regardless of what lies in store, but when the holiday includes a trip to the BYU Fine Arts Museum, whoa, now you're talkin'. I only documented a few of my faves, the Princess in her Castle, Sasquatch & his Big Foot, and the boys absorbing all the Bob Dylan infused patriotism in front of Olde Glory. Artsy Fartsy Presidents Day, just how it should be.

Fisher is that you?

One of Fishers gave out mustache tats for Valentines Day. Pretty special!!!